Our Story

Lonn Hamp and Alan Mathews

Hamp, Mathews & Associates (HMA) was formed in 2002 when Lonn and Alan decided to step out on their own to fulfill every entrepreneur’s dream; they wanted to have their own business with their names on the door, and they wanted the business to be a reflection of their vision and their values.


Lonn’s education in geology culminated in a Master of Science degree that lead to employment with EarthFax Engineering in 1986 at their Salt Lake City office. With active projects in Michigan, EarthFax decided to open a local office. In 1991 Lonn accepted the challenge and moved to Michigan. Alan earned a Master of Science degree in petroleum engineering from Texas A&M and accepted employment with Marathon Oil in 1991. As an oil field production engineer, Alan worked primarily in the West Branch area.


In 1992 Alan assumed a “fill in” position as an environmental engineer with Marathon at Jonesville, Michigan. That year Lonn called on Alan to bid a job (which he lost!) only to find Alan’s resume on his desk some months later. Alan joined the EarthFax office by the end of the year.


Lonn and Alan clicked – they had similar values and an appreciation for the way they enhanced each others skills. While at EarthFax they really hit their stride while working at the Alma Refinery. Together they learned to provide value to clients by cutting to the chase; how to get to the end rather than continuing to reconfirm the problem through never ending investigations.


In January of 2002, Lonn and Alan decided to take a huge risk – they left EarthFax to start Hamp, Mathews & Associates without a single client.  The management of EarthFax visited, spoke with customers, considered options, and responded in a most gracious way by allowing HMA to purchase fixed assets owned by EarthFax.  HMA then extended employment to all remaining Michigan EarthFax staff.


Since 2002, the firm has more than doubled in size and has significant plans for continued growth.  Relationships with key customers are strong, the professionals at HMA are engaged, and the future looks bright… and busy.


We Have A Vision Of The Future, And We Are At Work Making It Happen.

As we have said, the opportunities before our company are extraordinary. We offer our ability to guide clients through the ever increasingly complicated process of bringing impacted sites into compliance. Because of our well-earned reputation, we are also able to attract the best and the brightest scientists to work on our team. We are great people working together to produce great work for those who want the right solutions for their environmental risk management challenges.


As We Move Along We Are Guided By Well Defined Values.

Like every other successful company, we value quality, honesty, integrity, and courteous behavior in all of our interactions. We bring strong analytical and problem solving skills to bear on the issues at hand. We tackle challenges with initiative because we recognize that only good planning, tight organization, and adaptability will be effective in our fast-paced and dynamic industry.


Yet, what really sets us apart is our ability to integrate our technical knowledge with skill-full communications. We listen carefully and give appropriate and timely feedback. We coach and advise, recommend and re-direct. Our sensitivity to the importance of good communication with our clients stems from our appreciation for the shared need to find a balance between cost and quality.


It should be said that we are continuously learning. Change, as we all know, requires constant upgrading of both knowledge and skills. Our documented solutions are innovative and effective not just because of our tenacity, but because we are constantly looking for the convergence of cost and satisfaction.


We are people who value faith and family as the bedrock that gives our lives meaning and purpose. Our character is guided by our well-grounded principles and our competence is guided by the highest of professionalism.


All of this is what we bring to every effort. We are committed to continuing to be good people who bring a high degree of measurable professionalism to each and every project.

Our Mission Is Clear.

It is our job to support the interests of our clients through the passionate pursuit of well-balanced solutions to complex technical and regulatory challenges.


In order to perform successfully and consistently, we have established the following measurable goals:

  1. To be conscious of our client’s particular needs, and wants, and the difference between the two – and to do the same with the regulatory agencies.
  2. To diligently maintain the highest standards of integrity and honesty thereby fostering long-lasting relationships with our private sector clients, and with the regulatory agencies.
  3. To deliver reports which are timely, technically sound, and cost effective.
  4. To solve problems in innovative ways that balance satisfying our private sector client’s interests with the requirements of the regulatory agencies.
  5. To learn from failure and recover quickly, re-engaging with greater wisdom and competence for the effort.
  6. To maintain our ability to deliver measurable cutting-edge solutions by acting on our commitment to the continuous development of our professional staff.

When we have used the hard-skills of science and engineering along with the soft-skills of communication and collaboration to find well-balanced solutions that satisfy both our clients and Michigan’s regulatory agencies, then we know that we have performed well.