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We apply science and engineering to reach regulatory compliance in a fiscally responsible way that also satisfies our private sector clients. Right there, at the intersection of cost and compliance is the sweet spot where everyone finds satisfaction.

  • We begin by determining the likely overall risk posed by a facility in the context of the owner’s planned future use; this assessment underlies the decision-making process that follows.
  • From the intended use, we propose to the owner and the regulatory agencies what we believe is a cost-effective mix of remediation, engineering controls, and institutional instruments that are appropriate to manage the risk.
  • Once this pathway is set, supporting information is generated through comprehensive examination of the relevant exposure pathways at the facility.
  • Questions and problems inevitably arise throughout this process; we continually assess the owner’s business needs in the context of what the data are actually telling us and adjust our approach as appropriate to meet his or her needs while keeping the project within technically sound and defendable boundaries.
  • Once decisions are supported by relevant data, final engineering plans and land use restrictions are implemented.
    Please review our detailed job descriptions to understand precisely what is expected of our staff.

Benefits from being on the HMA Team of Professionals