Benefits From Being On The HMA Team Of Professionals

We recognize that our team of professionals is integral to our success. The respect that we have gained has been earned by the people on our team, and we know it.

We have plans in place, from the top on down, to continuously improve our work environment so that our people are as satisfied as possible. Everyone wants to work in a highly productive environment with highly satisfied people, and to that end we are steadfastly dedicated. Research has indicated that the higher the agreement with each of the following important statements, the greater the satisfaction and productivity of the work team.

  1. Our people do know what is expected of them.
  2. All of our people are committed to providing the highest quality work, day-in, and day-out, so you can count on working with highly committed colleagues.
  3. We pay attention to our people, and we recognize their quality work; we praise in public and we coach in private.
  4. When it comes to having the right equipment to do a stellar job, we’ll pay attention and provide for you to the best of our ability.
  5. We will pay attention to your personal and professional development and support and encourage you in relevant and tangible ways.
  6. Right from the beginning we will do our best to make sure that you are doing what you do best as often as possible. We are committed to helping people to play to their interests and strengths.
  7. If you make it onto our team, then you will be cared for as a person. Frankly, we are pretty careful not to hire jerks in the first place. Our people, are our people, and we care for our own.
  8. We will listen to you. Will we always agree? Of course not. But, we will create an atmosphere of mutual respect that makes it easy for you to ask questions and give us feedback so that we all can become better.
  9. As an ordinary part of working at HMA, you will be encouraged to grow. We don’t wait until an annual review comes around. The professional development plan that you create with us will be given our attention and support.
  10. The people on our team get our vision, values, and mission.