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What we are about

HMA is proud to have highly qualified professionals on staff in critically complementary positions. Scroll down and you will find detailed job description duties and tasks for each position. Immediately below you will find our “Required Core Competencies.” These are the expectations that are commonly held for everyone on our team, regardless of position.

Keep in mind that we are always interested in talking with highly qualified professionals that fit our Required Core Competencies, and Detailed Job Descriptions.

The following “Nine Required Core Competencies” are critically important to everyone at HMA. Our shared expectation is that everyone on our team will honor each of these shared competencies.

1. We focus on customer service, knowing “customers” are our clients, colleagues, and vendors. We behave professionally and demonstrate integrity, courteous treatment of others and appropriate assertiveness. We simply will not tolerate jerks.

2. We insist on quality and timely work products. Everyone should produce work that pays attention to detail, accuracy, and timeliness.

3. We are conscious of cost without sacrificing quality or timeliness of our work products.

4. We effectively engage in teamwork, taking the lead where appropriate, and delegating to junior staff while maintaining overall efficiency and advancing their expertise and training.

5. Each of us is constantly developing our skills as strong analytical/problem solvers.

6. We are constantly developing our skills as solid communicators by becoming ever more competent as a listeners, writers, and speakers.

7.  We show initiative by thinking on our feet – demonstrating smart tactical and strategic thinking in our planning, organization, and adaptability. This skill set allows high productivity especially in times that are fast paced and unstructured.

8. We demonstrate high-level leadership, exercise solid judgment and effective decision making.

9. Each of us is continuously learning by acquiring new knowledge and skills and sharing those with the rest of the team.