Hamp, Mathews, and Associates


Who we are

Hamp, Mathews & Associates (HMA) provides environmental consulting services to private and public sector clients located primarily in the State of Michigan, but with an expanding client base across the country.  HMA personnel successfully complete projects of various size and complexity based on extensive experience and a solid working knowledge of relevant regulatory programs.

Our mission

We support the interests of our clients through the passionate pursuit of solutions to complex technical and regulatory challenges based on timely, technically sound, and cost-effective evaluations.  We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to our clients and understand the decisions needed to be made to address their environmental compliance issues, formulate effective data acquisition programs, efficiently evaluate and process the data obtained, and communicate the results in a manner that our clients can use to understand their sites in order to make those informed decisions.

We strive to maintain the utmost standards of integrity and honesty in a manner that fosters long-lasting relationships and reflects well on our clients, our firm, and the professional community in which we serve.

It is our belief that we are uniquely qualified to provide a high level of expertise and experience to allow our clients to comply with the requirements of the various regulatory programs driving their compliance issues in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Company History


Lonn’s education in geology culminated in a Master of Science degree and lead to employment with EarthFax Engineering in Salt Lake City.

Alan earned a geological engineering Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan Technological University in 1989, and then a Master of Science degree in petroleum engineering from Texas A&M



Lonn moved to Michigan to accept a new challenge at Earthfax’s new Michigan office.

Alan accepted employment with Marathon Oil. As an oil field production engineer, Alan worked primarily in the West Branch area.



Alan assumed a “fill in” position as an environmental engineer with Marathon in Jonesville, Michigan.

Lonn called on Alan to bid a job (which he lost!) only to find Alan’s resume on his desk some months later. Alan joined EarthFax’s Michigan office by the end of the year.



Lonn and Alan clicked – they had similar values and an appreciation for the way they enhanced each other’s skills. While at EarthFax they really hit their stride while working at the then active Alma Refinery. 

Lonn and Alan decided to take a chance – they left EarthFax. Hamp, Mathews & Associates (HMA) was formed when Lonn and Alan decided to step out on their own to fulfill every entrepreneur’s dream.