Hamp, Mathews, and Associates

MEET OUr team

Abigail Varner

Environmental Engineer

Alan Mathews


Alex Caron

data acquisition specialist

Alex has been a Data Acquisition Specialist and valuable team member with Hamp, Mathews, and Associates since 2018. Alex graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and owes his interest in the environmental consulting field to his desire to help solve environmental issues. Alex plays a pivotal role in various remediation projects and is critical in administering ongoing field investigation work at HMA. He enjoys learning different practice areas in the industry and getting involved in a variety of field projects at HMA. Alex will be the first to lend a hand and his authentic kindness for his peers and serving our communities is admired and appreciated. HMA is grateful for the dedication, and thoughtfulness that Alex brings.

Autumn Parish


Thomas Fleet

Project Geologist CAD

Cindy Jimenez

Data Management Assistant

Dan Rathka

Senior Technician

Doug Spencer

Project Geologist

Doug has been a Project Geologist with Hamp, Mathews, and Associates since 2017. He enjoys the fast-paced nature of the environmental field, working outside, and the hands-on approach to problem solving. Doug is a proud husband and father, and he enjoys traveling with his wife and their three children to the Outer Banks and Northern Michigan. In his free time, you can find Doug fishing, camping, woodworking, or doing home remodeling projects. Fun facts about Doug, he started all four years on the lacrosse team at Calvin College and is known as the ‘resident expert’ in native plants, with over 87 different species at his home. Doug chose the environmental consulting industry so he could “have an impact on protecting and improving the ecological health of our communities”. Doug plays a vital role in navigating environmental challenges, getting involved in protecting the health of our communities through various charitable efforts, and incorporating new technologies at HMA, and we are thankful for the knowledge and fortitude that he brings to the team.

Dylan Harter

Data Acquisition Specialist

Dylan has been a respected member of the Data Acquisition Specialist’s Team with Hamp, Mathews, and Associates since 2018 and he enjoys the complexities that the environmental consulting industry has to offer. He has always been interested in STEM academic disciplines and having the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects at HMA aligns perfectly. In his free time Dylan enjoys spending time outdoors running or biking, traveling to the Rocky Mountains and Alaska, as well as tinkering with his Jeep that he refurbished. Dylan graduated with a degree in Geology in 2021 from Michigan State University and is a proud husband and owner of two naughty cats. HMA is grateful for the energy and excitement that he brings each day, and his drive to explore innovative, creative concepts with the team.

Holly Petroff

Office Manager

Holly has been an office manager and integrator with Hamp, Mathews & Associates since March of 2020. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with such insightful experts in the field of environmental science. Though she is not a scientist, Holly works to anticipate the highest and best potential for not only HMA as a whole, but staff on an individual level, encouraging everyone to focus on their passions within the industry. She works with the leadership team to evaluate the professional environment, predict potential hurdles, and facilitate structure within the organization. Holly and her husband have raised an active, blended family of seven (7) children, and she believes that juggling this busy household has helped her tremendously in her career. In her free time, Holly enjoys Yoga, time with family, and traveling. Fun fact about Holly, she is a music lover (all genres); one of her previous clients was Lee Oskar from the band War and she has an engraved harmonica from him!

Hugh Huevelhorst

Senior Hydrogeologist

Jake Kottke

Project Geologist

Jeff Crum

Senior Toxicologist and Vapor Intrusion Specialist

Jeff has been a Senior Toxicologist and Vapor Intrusion Specialist with Hamp, Mathews, & Associates since 2004. He enjoys working with a team of top shelf, yet humble practitioners that communicate comprehensive, “science-based” environmental solutions to clients and regulators. Jeff has been practicing and studying vapor intrusion risk assessment and mitigation strategies for 25 years and feels that each opportunity is as exciting as the first. Jeffs initial interest in Environmental Toxicology surfaced when he was a student assistant for the Michigan DNR (pre-DEQ and EGLE). It was there that he recognized the impact that environmental contamination can have on fish and wildlife (which was his bachelor’s degree) and eventually lead him to the field of environmental toxicology. Jeff is a proud family man and enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife and two adult children, especially to the Appalachian Mountains. In his free time Jeff enjoys golfing (often competitively) with friends and family, and notes that his wife is ‘quite good’. Fun fact about Jeff is that he met Nick Saban while on vacation in Florida. Jeff plays a vital, lead role at HMA and we are grateful for his industry expertise and the connections he has built throughout his career. His thoughtfulness and respect that he shows his peers accentuate his career attributes.

Jennifer Weaver

AR and AP Specialist

Joel Parker

Principal Engineer

Mark Wollensak

Senior Geologist

Matt D'Addona

Staff Geologist

Matt has played an essential role as a Staff Geologist with Hamp, Mathews, and Associates since 2018. He enjoys learning about the challenges and complexities that the environmental industry present, affording him the qualifications to contribute to solving various problems. Matt became interested in geology after an introductory course in college, he then went on to earn a Bachelor of Science, with a Concentration in Professional Geology from Eastern Michigan University. Fun fact about Matt is that he can still remember a time before the internet became a household convenience. In his free time, you might find Matt learning more about the nature of the Earth System, spending time with friends and family, and traveling to the Catskill Mountains of New York. Matt is a critical member of the team and has a wonderful, quirky sense of humor, and is always good for a laugh. We are grateful for the insight and synergetic approach that Matt brings to work each day.

Rosanne Ames

Database Specialist

Rosanne has been supporting the Data and Mapping efforts at Hamp, Mathews, & Associates as a Data Base Specialist since 2004. She credits the love of her job to the amazing people she gets to work with. Prior to coming onboard with HMA, Rosanne worked for many years in an analytical laboratory, she was very excited to move to the ‘other side’ and get a glimpse into what the scientific data generated was used for in real life situations. Rosanne has a passion for antiques and anything ‘unusual’, in her free time you might find her antiquing or frequenting flea markets to sell at an auction house that she co-owns. She has an adorable puppy named Bear that gets to travel with her anywhere and everywhere! Rosanne wears many hats with HMA, often focusing on tending to the needs of her colleagues; she is a valuable team member at HMA.

Steve Zayko

Senior Engineer

Steve joined Hamp, Mathews, and Associates in November of 2020 as Senior Engineer with almost 30 years of experience spanning the globe. Steve specializes in many environmental practice areas adding substantial value to project collaboration. Steve credits his love of the outdoors and helping others as steppingstones to his longevity as an Environmental Consultant. In his free time, you might find Steve backpacking across Canada or the US or dabbling in wildlife photography. Steve is also a proud husband, dad, and Eagle Scout and was excited to join HMA to “collaborate with a great group of people with varying backgrounds and skills”. HMA appreciates the knowledge and mentorship that Steve brings to work each day, and we are grateful that he joined our team.

Brett Kamphouse

Data Acquisition Specialist

Brook Robinson

Data Acquisition Technician