Hamp, Mathews, and Associates


Hamp, Mathews & Associates provides engineering design and build services for environmental remediation and green stormwater infrastructure.  Using a fundamental approach, HMA bases design/implementation needs on a synthesis of site environmental data and the source-transport-receptor interrelationships known as the Conceptual Site Exposure Model.

Regulatory and Evironmental Compliance

HMA provides a comprehensive suite of Compliance services to the regulated community.  These services are important to our clients for continuity of business and services, creating and maintaining a standard of ethical business practices, and demonstrating environmental responsibility which is becoming increasingly important in today’s business landscape. 


Environmental regulatory agencies apply traditional risk assessment processes to estimate an amount of chemical in the environment that could cause an adverse health outcome to humans and ecological receptors.  The estimated chemical concentration is derived from scientific studies of the chemical’s toxicity combined with upper range values of exposure that a person, plant, or animal may experience.